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What is new at Pyxis (read full)
So whats new you ask at Pyxis Industries.  We have had a busy start to 2017.  We have been opening up new dealerships to help our customers get the best gear for them and their needs.  We have added many items to our rental inventory.  Some of these item include the Elation Lighting Platinum HFX moving head and well as more Elation Lighting SIXPAR 200IP.  We have made a great relationship to get our customers acoustical panels that look great and are priced right as well.  We will work on trying to update this more often...  but for weekly updates check out our facebook page.

New rental gear added (read full)
In keeping up with our clients needs we have added some new rental items recently.

1. Elation Lighting Platinum HFX moving lights  Quantity of 6
2. Elation Lighting SIXPAR 200IP  Quantity of 12 bringing our total to 24 fixtures
3. Guard Dog Cable Ramps

These additions are here and ready to be on your next event
We are still alive and going (read full)
Wow! We get a fail for posting anything to our website.  The good news is we have been very busy over the last few months.  From being the preferred audio vendor for the world famous San Diego Zoo, to concerts, as well as some large church projects we have been very busy.   We will work on updating our website more often.  To see updates more often visit our Facebook page at or our Instagram page @PyxisIndustries

Look forward to working on a project with you soon!
Pyxis adds M32R to rental inventory (read full)
Are you in the Southern California area and looking to rent the Midas M32R digital console?  Pyxis Industries, of Murrieta, CA has the Midas M32R console in our rental stock.  This console line is also available for purchase from Pyxis Industries.  We offer anyone who would like to test the console out and then purchases a Midas M32 console from Pyxis Industries a 50% credit on the rental towards the purchase of the console.
Pyxis add more rental inventory (read full)
Pyxis is looking to have a busy summer and has been getting the gear before the rush.  Here is a small list of what we are adding to our rental/production inventory

•More 12"x12" Truss
•More Microphone Options
•New EV EKX Powered Speakers
•More LED lighting options
•More Bil-Jax Staging

Look for this and more for your upcoming show or rental!

Whats new at Pyxis Industries (read full)
Well what's new at Pyxis Industries?
1. Added 6 Step Bil-Jax Ultra Stair to the rental inventory
2. Added a 16'x16' 70% Shade Cloth roof to the rental inventory.
3. Added Bil-Jax Guard Panels
4. Added two 20'x24' 70% Shade Cloth roofs to the rental inventory.
5. Added 8 55 Gallon water barrels to the rental inventory.
6. Added SMAART V7 to the install/production tools

Many other small items are being added weekly to our inventory.

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