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Pyxis Provides Sound for Every 15 minutes
Pyxis Industries once again was asked by FHS ASB to provide Audio for their Every 15 minutes program.  This program simulates a DUI accident and is very effective at showing students the consequences of drinking and driving. 

For this event Pyxis provided the following
     EV Tour X TX2152 Tops Qty 4
     EV Tour X TX2181 Subs Qty 2
     Crown XTI 4000 Amplifiers Qty 4
     Yamaha O1V Audio Console
     Shure ULX Wireless w/ Countryman E6 Qty 4
     Shure SLX with Beta87 Handheld Qty 1
     Audio Technica 5000 Series Wireless w/ BP892 Qty 4
     As well as Power Distribution

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