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Does your venue have a sound system that needs to be "Tuned Up"?
     If your system was installed by you or by a professional it may of never of been given a proper "Flat Response" system tuning.  If your system does not sound the best you think it could or spoken voice is not as clear as you would like let the professionals at Pyxis Industries tune your system and make it sound like a new system.

Was your Audio system installed without a system processor?
     If your system is just using an EQ and does not have a system processor there is alot a processor can do make your system sound even better than it ever has.  If you don't have a system processor let the professionals at Pyxis Industries install a processor and show you the true sound your speakers can deliver.  Once the processor has been installed we will Flat Response your system and you will walk away amazed.

Give Pyxis a call and let us provide you with a free analysis of your sound system or any other video or lighting systems you may have.

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