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Pyxis provides sound for Gospel on the Green 2011
Pyxis Industries was recently asked to provide a sound system for North Coast Calvary Chapel which is based out of Carlsbad, CA.  They were planning their second annual Gospel on the Green, a fundraiser for the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club.  The show consisted of an 8 piece band and a 30 person choir performing gospel numbers.  The Church had concerns over the volume for the neighbors since some complaints were received last year, even with a self imposed sound curfew of 8:30pm.  Pyxis suggested the use of the JBL VRX932 speaker system to help control where the sound was aimed.  The JBL system performed very well and helped keep the sound where we wanted which kept the neighbors happy.  Both the church and the band praised Pyxis on the quality of the sound and working with them to be a good neighbor.

System included:                                    

Front of House System
6 JBL VRX932 LA Line Array Speakers
4 JBL SRX 918S 18" Subs
2 Crown I-Tech 6000 Amplifiers
2 Crown I-Tech 8000 Amplifiers
1 Soundcraft GB8-32 Audio Console
1 ACP88 Compressor
2 DBX 166A Compressors
1 Yamaha SPX2000 Effects Unit
1 TC Electronics M-One Effects Unit
1 CBI 40x8 Concert Series Audio Snake

Stage Monitors
4 EV TX1122 Stage Monitors
1 EV TX1181 Drum Sub
2 EV ZXa5 Stage monitors
2 EV SXa250 Stage Monitors
3 EV Q99 Amplifiers

Microphone Package
Shure Wired Microphones
Audio Technica 5000 Series Wireless Microphones

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